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Garbage Collection Information

Garbage pick-up is every Monday morning. Place garbage curbside after 5pm on Sunday evening. There is no limit on the number of bags of garbage per household per week, therefore, please limit the weight of each bag.
Do not put garbage in cardboard boxes.
Tree limbs and carpet must be cut to 4ft. lengths and bundled.
Bagged grass will be taken at a ration of 1 bag of grass per 1 bag of household trash.
Cardboard boxes must be broken down and taped/tied into bundles.
There is 1 large pick-up per month. Pick-up is on the Monday of the first full week of each month. (Check calender for dates.)

Garbage Collection Does Not Include:
  • Any of the new recycled Covered Devices. (Electronic devices, computers,tvs,etc.)
  • Building or home remodeling meterials.
  • Car parts, ie batteries and tires, ect.
  • Dirt and Concrete.
  • Explosive, hazardous, or toxic chemicals.
  • 55 Gallon drums.
  • Liquid paint. You are permitted to put out empty paint cans with the lids removed. You must use an absorbent meterial, such as kitty litter, to dry up any residual paint, and then put the empty can in a garbage bag for collection.
    The Recreational Center/Pool Dumpster is for their trash only.
    Apartment dumpsters are for apartment use only.
    Thank You.

    Neighborhood Cat Rescue Information:
    Donations welcome to help defray costs of our Spay & Neauter Program.
    This helps to keep the cat population down. Please send checks on behalf of the Wimmerton Plan to:
    Action for Animals
    PO Box 814
    Latrobe, PA 15650.
    Thank you for your contributions.


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