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206 N. Shenandoah Drive
Apartment 201
Latrobe PA 15650
 (724) 539-1202
 FAX: (724) 539-3618
Office Hours: M-F, 8am-4:30pm


Courtesy of Don Eaglehouse

Welcome to the First Wimmerton Community Association (FWCA) on the web. FWCA was established in January, 1975. We are located at the foot of the Laurel Highlands Mountains in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

FWCA community consists of both single dwelling homes as well as two patio homes areas, * which all share access to the same common facilities, including a pool. Community members have access to these amenities, providing they adhere to the rules and regulations as covered by a book of Covenants. All members of the community pay a modest monthly assessment fee which pays for weekly trash removal, upkeep of common grounds and use of facilities. The Board of Directors provides oversight for the maintenance of the common areas and facilities.

The Board of Directors is comprised of five (5) elected members and one representative of Wimmer Corporation (original owner of the land and current lease holder of the land where the pool, recreation center and other recreation areas exist) and one representing NDC (Which owns and operates the apartments). The community also has several committees that provide guidance and assistance to both the Board of Directors and the community's members. Activities are frequently scheduled and may be found on our website by clicking on the calendar link. If you are a member or just visiting our website, we hope you enjoy reading about our community and if you have any comments please feel free to e-mail us, we are glad to assist with any questions you may have.

*Wimmer Commons (Duplex patio homes near the entrance of Wimmerton), Wimmerton Place (Duplex and single patio homes behind plan 4 of Wimmerton). Each of these areas have their own set of restrictive covenants and small Boards in addition to the main FWCA covenant book. Wimmer Commons and Wimmerton Place pay additional dues for maintaining property (grass cutting in the summer) and driveway plowing (in winter) which are decided upon by their respective Boards. These two Boards work in conjunction with the main FWCA Board and all applications need to be approved by the FWCA Architectural Committee first before a homeowner can get approval from their respective Board for any changes to the exterior of their homes!

Crime Watch

First Wimmerton Community Association, Inc. is organizing a Neighborhood Watch Group. This group is a coalition of neighbors who will look out for each other's families and property, alert the police to any suspicious activities or crime in progress, and work together to make their community a safer and better place to live. We need your eyes and ears!

Special Announcement

While driving on the streets in the community
please obey the posted speed limit and stop signs,
remember that there are children outside as well as walkers, joggers, and bicyclists.

2020 Monthly Assessment Fees

Please be advised that your monthly assessment fee for the First Wimmerton
Community Association will increase. The 2019 rate is $47.00 per month.
Monthly fees are due on the 1st of each month.
Please submit your monthly coupon with payment.
Checks should be made payable to:
First Wimmerton Community Association or F.W.C.A.
If you have automatic payments set up through your bank,
please contact them and verify your monthly amount is correct.

Parking Reminder: if you have more than one vehicle in your household with limited parking 
you or your guests are not permitted to park in any of the apartment parking lots,
(this includes Summit Wimmerton & Olympia) these lots are private property
and to be used by apartment tenants only.
Also the pool parking lot is for pool/rec. center/recreational area use only.
Parking on the street and/or on the grass is NOT PERMITTED!!
Any vehicles parked there for any other reason are subject to be tagged/towed at owners' expense.

 Book written by Don Eaglehouse-(Wimmerton: My Point of View)
Please check out our information section to view the new book written by
Don Eaglehouse-(Wimmerton: My Point of View).
You may also pick up a copy of the book at the First Wimmerton Office.

Dog Walkers
Please be courteous of your neighbors while walking your dog.
Do Not allow your dog to walk on neighbors properties.
Remember to always clean up after your dog while walking on any of the common areas.

Also: Attention Walkers, with it getting dark out early, for you safety we encourage you to wear bright reflective clothing (carry a flash light) and walk on the side of the road facing oncoming traffic.
Thank You!


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